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 DDOS and DNS A Records Need Why ?

It is required that all DDOS shared hosting clients use Rivalhost Global Protected Name-servers and highly recommend for all other DDOS clients to always rely on our DDOS name-servers to resolve your "A" record rather than setting it...

 Do you host adult sites or content?

Yes we have Offshore Server also Offshore/ anonymous location . you can host / or runs any type of adult site . NO PROBLEM

 Can you change my PHP version?

All new shared hosting accounts are created on a server which runs php version 5.3.x or higher We have chosen that version php as it is the most used one by the open source scripts provided in the Softaculous and Fantastico auto...

 Do you provide SSH/Telnet access?

We do not provide Telnet access for security reasons. We do provide SSH by default on all Cloud, VPS or dedicated  plans and provide access upon request for reseller accounts and standard web hosting packages.

 Editing the .htaccess file.

Many Wordpress blogs use redirects to provide easy links to other sites, such as affiliate programs.  Here's how you can edit the .htaccess file for your site.  Note that any changes made here will apply to your entire site, not just the...