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As i remember it was 2013 my age was 18. A friend and I had just spent the summer vacation also developing a PC game which will release after few months and in the process learned how to build websites (and that they needed this thing called a “host”). One day I went to my friend house and general conversation with his father and surprise known about his father’s newly designed website. It was incredibly basic and the developer asked for cost £3,500! I was really angry that someone who knew a little HTML had exploited someone else’s lack of knowledge; it didn’t seem fair or right. So we offer him to done that JOB in around only £750, and also we promises him to done a better JOB, much to my surprise, he agreed, and we had our first client.

Today RevenueServer is here for the long run. It’s taken us over 5 years to get to where we are today but it feels like we just begin yesterday.

I’m excited about the future and cannot wait to see where we take RevenueServer together.

Kind regards, Daniel Jacob - CEO

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